My wife and I yesterday took the TX CHL renewal class taught by Jon. Wasn't really expecting much different than the original class we took a few years back. However, Jon is a fantastic instructor and took even the bland CHL renewal course and actually taught rather than just going over the "required" material. He spent a great deal of time helping the wife with her trigger control and she went from simply hitting paper to inside the 9 ring.
Big kudos to Jon on not only the class but just making my wife and I feel comfortable through the whole process. The whole "class" thing is still a little foreign to both of us. Heck we've only been to a "range" three times.
He showed off his Aquaterra'd glock (/jealous) and let both of us try out his Kahr PM9(?).

Can't wait to take our first true SI class later this year. Thanks Jon!

- Cabbitone from Warrior Talk

I felt compelled to take the time to come here and share my recent experience with an instructor from Suarez International. His name is Jon Payne. He is an instructor in Orange, Texas. Recently, Jon held a CHL course that a female friend and I attended.


Now, as a criminal defense/personal injury lawyer, I am not lost on the idea that technically I'm on the opposite side of Jon. Additionally, I'm probably the worst critic when someone is teaching me a course on the law. I would go as far as to say that my expectations in general are high when I pay for instruction. I am here today to tell you that never in my life, including the 15 years I have been attending classes regarding the law at Continuing Legal Education seminars, have I ever had an instructor that knew his subject as well as Jon. I was blown away by the depth of his knowledge on criminal procedure, the CHL laws, and the interpretation of Texas statutes involving same. I know lawyers that couldn't carry Jon Payne's golf bag. He knew the material more than I did by an entire atmosphere and I read every applicable statute just prior to attending the class! He knew Chapter 9 of the Code regarding self defense better than I did! But what probably took the cake is that at every juncture, he drew from real life experiences that added far more insight than from some geek professor.


My applause for Jon did not stop when the classroom portion ended. I know now that Jon was just getting warmed up. You should have seen him at the range. A true master of his craft. In total control and polite. Safe, adept and instructional. Patient and polished. My female friend, who may have only fired 10 rounds from a pistol in her life, went from not knowing how to hit water if she fell out of a boat to scoring nearly perfect as a result of Jon's techniques that he showed her. Which brings me to another point.


It was clear from the beginning of the range portion of the class that my friend was destined to fail. Jon went out of his way, on his own time to be with his family and friends, to teach her the fundamentals and marksmanship skills. With his instructions, she scored almost perfect! (admittedly, 3 points better than me as it turns out!)


Bottom line is it has been quite some time since I have experienced the balance of professionalism and ability that Jon brought to the table. In today's world, it seems as if we seldom get what we bargain for, and its people like Jon that makes us feel compelled to go out of our way to let everyone know. Thanks for your time and consideration and if anyone would like to speak with me personally about my experience or if I can provide any additional information, my office number is 409-883-4501.

-Jim Sharron Bearden